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摘要: 如何摆脱学校作弊的英语作文 关于“如何摆脱学校作弊”的英语范文如下:英语范文:With the development of t...



英语范文:With the development of the society, people pay more and more attention to education. As a result, thousands of students take part in various examinations.However, some students have been found cheating on their exams.

Some of them copy from each others, some took out their textbooks or reference books to copy, some copied from small pieces of paper on which they had prepared for the exam, still some used the modern communication tools such as BP, mobile phone as a way to cheat on exams.

Then, what’s the effect of cheating on exam? There are three factors for this. First, it results in an unfair competition and will destroy the creativity of those bright students. Second, it will ruin the students’ self-confidence in the long run. 

Third, under that kind of circumstances, the students graduated from the schools will not be the one who can meet the need of the society.

However, how to stop cheating on exam? In my opinion, there are two ways we can adopt. First, a severe punishment should be put into effect to prevent students from cheating. Second, great effort should be made to make students understand what kind of person the society needs and try to improve their self-confidence.





Stop Cheating Yourself

By Harold Z., West Windsor, NJ

A student does not know any of the answers on a test. As he stares at the blank answer page, all the problems look blurry, and when the results come back, the student realizes that he failed. This is the situation for those who copy homework from others. They are not only cheating, they are not learning anything and will not be prepared for tests or quizzes. By using the work of others, they can ruin their grade as well as their future. It is not right to cheat when we all have the capability to do our own work. People should not receive rewards for the effort of others.

Most people have cheated at least once in their lives, whether it was for missed or incomplete work, or even just for credit that you didn’t deserve. But this is not right; in fact, it is unethical and unfair. Taking the work of others and using it as your own is not the right thing to do. It shows a lack of responsibility as well as a lack of knowledge. For example, if a student cheats using a classmate’s exam paper, he is taking credit for another’s work. If the tea-cher catches him, the consequences are usually failure.

Cheating by using the work of others is the same as ruining your life with drugs. It is not only unnecessary and foolish, it can also start to be addicting in many ways. If a student constantly cheats, then it may become a habit in the future. Besides, no one needs to cheat. We all have brains that we can use and also teachers, parents, and peers to help us. Anyway, it’s not like we will succeed in life if we continuously cheat. There is no need to ruin both your education and your life by cheating.

Cheaters usually suffer many consequences. In the beginning when the student is in grade school, cheating may only lead to losing credit and going to the principal’s office. In middle school, there will be Saturday detentions, suspensions, and even parent-teacher conferences. But in high school, college, and the rest of a person’s life, cheating will not be tolerated. If a college student uses a quote from a book or website and doesn’t cite where the information came from, that is plagiarism. This form of credit-taking does not just have minor consequences but can also land you in jail, ruin your record for certain jobs, tear apart your relationships with family and friends, and jeopardize your future.

Every day as you pass through a teen-infested hallway, there will be at least one person madly scribbling away on a piece of paper trying to match it with the one from their peers. This all can occur right before the bell signals the start of a new school day. Why do they have to do this? Will those extra 10 points have a huge impact on their grade and also remind them to do their homework in the future? The clear answer is no! Why can’t they just tell their teachers the truth? By copying, the cheater learns nothing and the teacher will never know if they copied their homework or if they did it themselves.

Of all things, taking credit for others’ work is not only unnecessary but quite unreasonable as well. If we all just do our work, then there is no need to cheat. We should make an effort for our education instead of taking the easy way out. But most important, if we all work hard instead of cheating, then everyone will live a prosperous and successful life.



My Opinion on Cheating in Examinations 我对考试作弊的看法

It is known to us all that some students cheat in examinations at school.

As students, we often take examinations at school, but sometimes we have too many examinations which are too difficult for us. On the other hand, some of us are lazy and don't work hard at their lessons. So when taking examinations, they sometimes cheat in order to get better results to please their parents and teachers.

In my opinion, it is wrong to cheat in examinations because it breaks the rules of schools. We students should be honest and try to get good results by studying hard instead of cheating in examinations. What's more, we should improve our study methods and get well prepared for examinations.






It never be explained why so many students on campus cheat in their examinations

nowadays, regardless of the danger that teachers find their secret, as it did in the case of

the boy student in the cartoon/photo above. What is conveyed in the drawing is most thought

-provoking and should arouse our social concern.

The implied meaning of the picture is worth discussing. Firstly, the youngs always

become quite illogical when they try to descide what can be done and what can not be done.

In the light of this statement, some students are often willing to sacrifice their

credibility for the privillage of getting more points and being regarded as outstanding

students. Furthermore, some one is afired that he can't pass the final exams leading to his

degree, in the fruit of being absorbed into computer games or disappointment in love.

Consequently, only by cheating can they graduate and get the degree on time. Although many

reasons share the problem of this drawing, one of them can be singled out for recognition:

the conditions of our sociaty. Such is human nature, that we can't avoid being influenced by

environment. In short, the root of cheating in examinations and credibilililess on campus is

combinition of many factors.

There is no blinding at the fact that, in dealing with a challenge on such scale, some

strong, effective and necessary counter-measures should be put on our agenda. To the begin

with, a widespread education campaign should be launched to make students realize the

importance of credibility. What's more, the government departments at different levels and

related orgnizations should make joint efforts and coordination of programs to creat a more

credit environment for us. Only by this package deal, can build up a harmonious and healthy